Track E

E7 Applying Lean Startup Principles to Technology Transfer

Track: Nuts and Bolts of Technology Transfer

Target Audience: Intermediate

Becky Stoughton, Fuentek, LLC

Troy Brady, Auburn University
Malcolm S. Townes, Missouri University of Science and Technology

During the Fireside Chat of the AUTM 2015 Annual Meeting, serial entrepreneur Steve Blank discussed the relevance of the Lean Startup methodology to technology transfer. These principles have been applied successfully at several universities. While recognizing that going lean is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, this session provides a fresh perspective on standard technology transfer processes. Hear how Lean Startup Principles such as The Build-Measure-Learn Feedback Loop, The Minimum Viable Product and the Business Model/Value Proposition Canvases have worked for specific technology transfer offices. Join this interactive session to gain useful tools and develop a critical eye to help you go lean.

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