Track C

C3 Funding Strategies for Technology Development and Early-stage University Startups

Track: Startups and Gap Funding

Target Audience: All Audiences

Don Rose, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Mike Dial, Hatteras Venture Partners
Jackson Streeter, Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research

University startups represent a significant avenue for technology commercialization. One the biggest obstacles for spinning out a company is appropriate funding at the appropriate time. Funding at this stage is complicated by the changing dynamics of the technology and startup. University innovations often need technology development support, typically deployed within the university, for validation and proof of concept. As the technology moves into a startup, additional funding is needed for both corporate development such as incorporation, patent costs and new hires, as well as further technology and product development. This funding can come from both non-dilutive  and dilutive (angle/venture) sources. Universities have begun to develop funding strategies that address the needs of startups from the pre-startup phase to the early angel and venture phase. In addition, some universities are leveraging their corporate relations to facilitate partnerships with these startups. This panel will tap the leaders who are providing gap funding on these different levels and examine their attempts to integrate this funding across the early-stage development of the university startup.

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