Track C

C2 Structuring Multi-party Agreements with Big Pharma - How Hard Can It Be?

Track: Industry/Academic Partnerships

Target Audience: Intermediate

Iain Thomas, Cambridge Enterprise Limited

Lily Cortese, Johnson & Johnson
Tony Hickson, Imperial Innovations
Malcolm Skingle, GlaxoSmithKline
Einat Zisman, FutuRx, Isreal

Recently the pharma industry and academia have struck a significant number of multi-party partnership deals.  Industry is keen on making more such deals.  Why? Universities are great at the early-stage biology that makes a huge impact on human health.  This research has contributed to many breakthrough treatments. Capitalizing on early-stage understanding in human biology remains difficult. The challenges range from limited resources to accessing expertise.  Potential solutions include funding schemes such as Apollo Therapeutics and FutuRx that connect money, expertise and potential buyers. Universities have also developed in-house drug discovery units to improve access to resources and expertise. In this session, the people participating in those deals will explore why these types of agreements are expected to grow. Panelists will also describe models that work and the challenges of negotiating with multiple parties (and lawyers). 

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