Track C

C1 Is Public Benefit Taking a Back Seat to University Profits? A View from the Startup Community *Presidential Series

Track: Startups and Gap Funding

Target Audience: Advanced

Duke Leahey, Nidus Investment Partners

Katharine Ku, Stanford University
Fred Reinhart, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Teri F. Willey, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Technology transfer offices (TTOs) often find themselves struggling to resolve fundamental issues in a manner that satisfies all their constituents. Join these four past presidents of AUTM as they help TTOs grapple with constituents’ expectations. The panelists will explore factors that may limit the ability of the technology transfer process to expeditiously handle agreements — from the TTOs’ financial pressures to institutional policies and procedures. The panel will offer recommendations regarding authority and decision paths. These expert panelists will also give special attention to startups, including a discussion of model clauses, some of which, while successful with large companies, cause concern for startups, their sub licensees or investors.  These special startup issues will also include flexibility in negotiating financial terms, the improper use of comparable royalty rates, termination claw-backs, development plan milestones and handling company pivots, sharing management of intellectual property and patent fee reimbursement.  Attend this session and join the conversation with your colleagues as we share how these issues might be handled at our home institutions.

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