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SIG3 AUTM Women Inventors Committee SIG

Track: Academic Studies

Target Audience: All Audiences

Forough Ghahramani, Rutgers University


Women in innovation is a hot topic. The White House has recognized the need to promote women and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Vibrant groups like Women in BIO and Women 2.0 recognize and organize women's participation in the biotechnology and high tech industries. Successful businesses like Google, Qualcomm and Genentech enacted programs to hire, promote and retain women employees. It is recognized that not cultivating the full potential of women innovators is equivalent to leaving money on the table. While universities have worked to remedy women's underrepresentation in certain academic fields, some technology transfer offices have analyzed their data and found that women are still underrepresented in disclosure, patenting, and entrepreneurship. The AUTM Women Inventors Committee can play a unique and vital role in addressing this discrepancy. This passionate group is forming alliances, identifying meaningful metrics to measure women’s participation in innovation and working with AUTM members to implement change that will empower more women to take leadership roles in all stages of transferring new discoveries to the market. Come hear how we, as AUTM members, are uniquely suited to affect change.

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