Track B

B7 Telling and Retelling Your Office's Story: How to Create and Repurpose Great Content

Track: Marketing Successful Practices

Target Audience: All Audiences

Sara J. Dagen, University of Florida

Quentin Thomas, Emory University
Paul K.Tumarkin, Tech Launch Arizona

We tend to think of our offices' forays into websites, social media and other ventures as black holes to be filled with content. This assumption often keeps us from starting new initiatives online. However, most technology transfer offices are already producing great content without distributing as widely or frequently as possible across multiple channels. What sources have you overlooked for stories, photos and videos that will explain your technologies to the world and communicate your office's value? At this session, you'll learn how to find these new sources, automate distribution across new marketing channels and use AUTM's resources to help tell your stories. A University of Florida case study will explore how to integrate these narratives into a cohesive marketing message.

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