Track B

B1 How to Work with Research Collaborators, Sponsors, Licensees and Investors from China *CLE Eligible

Track: Global Issues

Target Audience: All Audiences

Jason Wen, Boston College

Tiefei Dong, University of Michigan
Ling Loerchner, University of Waterloo
Julia Zhen, Thermo Fisher Scientific

As the world’s second largest economy and second largest pharma market, China is ready to be the leading innovator in emerging markets.  With abundant capital for an evolving R&D ecosystem, China has witnessed strong growth in partnering activities these past several years. All major multi-national companies have established a presence and are actively partnering in China through in-house research, academic collaborations, in-licensing partnerships and strategic outsourcing. Explore the innovation landscape of China and build research and industry networks as our experienced panelists share tips and tricks. These how-to lessons include finding the right Chinese industry partners/research collaborators; discovering the right functional groups doing the technology commercialization, finding government startup funding plus dealing with venture capital. Panelists will also share their ideas for working with Chinese partners, IP management in different models of collaboration with Chinese companies/universities and direct licensing or sublicensing to Chinese companies. Learn how to establish a joint research center/program with Chinese universities, set up a research center and sponsored research agreement with a Chinese company and gain practical tips on contract language. This session will demystify misconceptions and clarify language and cultural barriers.

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