Track A

A1 Beyond Licensing: Engaging in Economic & Business Development *Presidential Series

Track: IP Trends and Successful Practices

Target Audience: Advanced

Nicole Baute Honoree, LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans

Kirsten J. Leute, Osage University Partners
Rebecca W. Mahurin, Montana State University
James R. Zanewicz, Tulane University

The technology transfer profession continues to evolve. As we add years to our careers, senior technology transfer professionals often face expanding expectations and a diversion of duties away from the traditional bounds of our profession. In many institutions, success is no longer measured just by disclosures and deals  ̶  university administrators, business leaders and elected officials want to know how we contribute in the arenas of economic impact and business development. Several AUTM board members who are now senior professionals in these new roles will discuss this trend towards more active university engagement with multiple external partners, highlighting new commitments made by institutions to participate in these emerging areas of practice. They will explore the importance of strategic communication to build support for the broader research enterprise, and will share how strong connections with technology transfer officers are opening new doors to making a better world through academic innovation and commercialization.

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