Track A

A6 (Mis) Adventures in Invention Reporting

Track: Administrative & Operations

Target Audience: Intermediate

Karen Boghossian, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Korie Counts, Ohio University
Corin Hindenach, University of Louisville
Kristi Sullivan, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Invention reporting is a very easy and straightforward process. Except when it isn’t. Mistakes happen. Anomalies occur. Exceptions seem to prove the rules at every turn. Before you know it, invention reporting has become a complicated mess and you have hundreds of messages from iEdison. Never fear! We’ve all been there. This light-hearted session will address a serious topic — what do you do when invention reporting goes bad. Join seasoned invention reporters as they share stories of their misadventures, solutions to invention reporting gone awry, and how to keep a sense of humor when all seems lost. Bring your own stories and hear how the experts respond.

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