Educational and Special Interest Group Sessions

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  • Academic Studies
    Sharing of industry information.
  • Administrative & Operations
    This track is designed for professionals responsible for the administration of a technology transfer office.
  • Advocacy and Internal Communications
    Focuses on effectively communicating - to the world -our goals, our roles and our successes in the field of technology transfer.
  • Global Issues
    This track provides insights for international technology transfer transactions and agreements, and compares viewpoints of practitioners in other countries.
  • Industry/Academic Partnerships
    Provides keys to working with industrial partners to build effective collaborations, with a focus on managing and then meeting the expectations of all parties.
  • IP Trends and Successful Practices
    Provides the latest changes to the intellectual property (IP) landscape and their impact on strategies of various forms of IP.
  • Licensing Successful Practices
    Introduces various approaches for addressing common licensing issues and optimizing licensing strategies for academic innovations.
  • Marketing Successful Practices
    Focuses on positioning technologies so that they are visible to a target audience and examines how to use existing and emerging networks and media to market available technologies.
  • Nuts and Bolts of Technology Transfer
    Covers core strategies and best practices for utilizing the disparate skill sets common to the technology transfer professional.
  • Startups and Gap Funding
    Addresses a variety of issues relevant to building and sustaining new ventures, and to bridging the valley of death, both in academic setting and in a related startup environment.
  • Other
    Addresses specialized topics and knowledge bases not covered by standard technology transfer courses.
  • All Audiences
    Designed to be applicable to all attendees
  • Fundamental
    Designed for early-stage professionals with up to a few years experience.
  • Intermediate
    Designed for seasoned licensing professionals with several years experience.
  • Advanced
    Designed for advanced and director-level professionals.

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