Track G

SIG14 Mobile and More - The World of Software & Copyright Licensing

Track: IP Trends and Successful Practices

Target Audience: All Audiences

Doug Hockstad, University of Arizona


Bring your issues, problems, experience and advice with you! This SIG addresses beginner to expert level issues related to the protection, marketing and licensing of software (whether or not patents are involved) and other digital and copyright-related materials. While a common thread often revolves around how institutions are handling mobile applications, topics span protecting, marketing and licensing digital and copyright intellectual property, as well as unique programs institutions have created in this area. This highly interactive gathering generally focuses on specific issues raised during the session, so this is your chance to ask the tough questions you are facing, and share the insightful answers you've learned. You'll walk away from the meeting entertained, enthused and with the answers needed to succeed.

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