Track G

G8 How to Attract Chinese Investments in U.S. Startups

Track: Startups and Gap Funding

Target Audience: All Audiences

Jason Wen, Ph.D., M.B.A., CLP, RTTP, Boston College

Xin Bu, Xi'an Sailest Consulting Inc.
Qingjiu (Tom) Tao, Ph.D., Madison Green Growth Group
Yuquan Wang, Haiyin Venture Partners

Securing initial funding for university startups is a key issue if your university does not have its own seed fund or just not enough to sustain the NewCo. Meanwhile, picky venture capital firms or corporate venture funds in the United States normally have little interest in early stage technologies or startups. Fortunately, on the other side of the planet, China has a lot of money looking for business opportunities, particularly in U.S. technologies. As the world’s second largest economy, China is not only a giant manufacturing country but also a huge market with extraordinary capital for investments and a talented labor force. The booming venture capital industry in China is hungry to invest in U.S. technologies and university startups and even acquire U.S. high-tech companies. This session will explore the investment landscape in China, the technologies that are most needed in China, investment strategies and criteria, decision making process for Chinese firms and the role of due diligence from venture capital firms. The panelists will will share their tricks and tips for navigating Chinese investment in U.S. startups. Join this session and discover how you can find Chinese investors and overcome language and cultural barriers to make deals.

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