Track G

G7 The Great Divide: Negotiating Intellectual Property Rights in Industry Sponsored Research Agreements

Track: Industry/Academic Partnerships

Target Audience: Intermediate

Kate Lewis, MA, M.B.A., University of California, Berkeley

Eric Giegerich, MA, University of California, Berkeley
Michael Haag, Case Western Reserve University
Adam Jones, J.D., L'Oreal
Sally O'Neil, Stanford University

Industry contracting officers in universities negotiate intellectual property (IP) language in sponsored research agreements that set the stage for commercialization and licensing. Companies commonly seek detailed IP terms in research agreements that broaden their rights to IP or specify financial details for future inventions. The licensing office will inherit these terms in the event of an invention, which means campus industry contracting officers must regularly interact with licensing staff to ensure the contract language suits the research field as well as the commercialization strategies of the university and the industry sponsor. In this session, representatives from industry contracting offices and technology transfer licensing offices discuss important considerations and perspectives when negotiating IP language, including pre-negotiating select licensing terms in sponsored research agreements. The panelists will also explore the ramifications of both limited and detailed IP language when it comes to licensing research results. Join this session to learn best practices, time-tested methods, new trends and common issues that arise in these negotiations.

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