Track F

F9 The Big 90-Minute Brainstorm II - The Sequel - Chance of Storms 100%

Track: Other

Target Audience: All Audiences

Kirsten Leute, MBA, CLP, RTTP, Osage University Partners

Robert Alderson, Jacobacci & Partners
John Ritter, MBA, J.D., Princeton University
Amanda Zeffman, Ph.D., Cambridge Enterprises

Come join your fellow annual meeting attendees to address challenges facing all of us. At the same time, network and learn some useful brainstorming skills! The session begins with a brief introduction to the brainstorming process and will include a few comments on how brainstorming sessions have been used at Cambridge University. Thereafter, groups of five will brainstorm on solutions to relevant technology transfer topics. Mentors will help the groups with the process to ensure that all voices participate and are heard. Each group will spend part of the brainstorming time generating ideas and part of the time selecting and refining the best of those ideas. Near the end of the session, the groups will present their particular challenges and their proposed solutions. Each group also will be encouraged to share how their particular brainstorming processes progressed.  The participants will vote for the top ideas with the expectation that at least a couple of ideas may evolve into continuing AUTM initiatives or other working groups. In addition, we will explore common brainstorming practices and techniques among the groups voted as having generated the best ideas.

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