Track E

E5 Intellectual Property Valuation for Academia

Track: Nuts and Bolts of Technology Transfer

Target Audience: All Audiences

Stephen Blake, Marks & Clerk

David Ai, City University of Hong Kong
Kelvin King, Esq., Valuation Consulting LLP
Brion St. Amour, Indiana University

Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation is essential to ensure that licensors and technology transfer in general receive full value for their technology. Yet this step is often overlooked in the licensing and venturing process. Typically licensors default to the 25 percent rule, a standard 3 percent royalty, or other industry folklore and generic methods for determining the royalty rate such as just guessing.  While this may be expedient and easy, these methods can significantly underestimate the value of the technology or destroy incentive, leaving unclaimed money on the table. This interactive session will include a discussion of the basics of IP Valuation and its similarities and differences from traditional valuation methods. Examples of successful valuations will be discussed including practical advice about how to do it and lessons learned. Come prepared to share your experience and ask questions of the experts and the audience. After this session you will have a better understanding of how to value your IP and will no longer have to guess!

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