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E3 Managing Impact from Social Sciences and Humanities

Track: Other

Target Audience: All Audiences

Christoph Koeller, Goergen & Koeller GmbH

Steven F. Tan, M.B.A., MSc, RTTP, Office VU University Amsterdam and VU University Medical Center Amsterdam

Requests for demonstrating the impact of research are arising all over the world and they are not limited to the “exact sciences.” Researchers from social sciences, humanities and the arts (SSH) are also increasingly forced to create and prove their impact in society and the economy; furthermore, knowledge and technology transfer offices need to find solutions for supporting them in a systematic and efficient way.
On the other hand, much of SSH research today already finds its way into applications outside of academic circles but these are most frequently presented anecdotally. This general lack of visibility on the SSH’s impact needs to be addressed.
Based on project examples and cases, you will learn about appropriate ways to identify and demonstrate the relevance of SSH for society and economy. The workshop will include small group discussions to explore topics such as making SSH’s impact more visible, identifying key indicators, selecting appropriae media and the role of SSH research. By applying the results of the workshop you will receive input on how to adapt your service portfolio to the needs of SSH researchers.

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