Track E

E10 A Bridge Not Too Far: Building a Global Innovation Ecosystem

Track: Global Issues

Target Audience: Advanced

Dipanjan Nag, Ph.D., M.B.A., CLP, RTTP, IP Shakti

Lily Chan, Ph.D., NUS Enterprise
Kevin Cullen, Ph.D., RTTP, UNSW Australia
Leszek Grabarczyk, National Center for Research and Development
David Gulley, Ph.D., RTTP, CLP, Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust
Keith Jones, Ph.D., Khalifa University
Masakazu Kimura, Shizuoka University
Cristina M. Quintella, FORTEC
Abdilda Shamenov, MSc., Technology Commercialization Center LLC
Fazilet Vardar, Ebiltem

Building an efficient technology commercialization ecosystem in any economy is complicated and requires various players in that region to contribute and work in tandem. This session will delve into balancing academic and business objectives of an ecosytem, understanding the specific market needs and engaging financial partners. Expert panelists will present case studies and best practices adopted in their country to spotlight the variety of approaches taken across the globe in tackling ecosystem challenges. The panelists share their expertise in policymaking, planning and execution of the various facets of technology transfer to demystify the roles of government, academia, industry and non-profit organizations in the successful creation of an innovation ecosystem. 

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