Track D

SIG8 AUTM Women Inventors Special Interest Group

Track: Industry/Academic Partnerships

Target Audience: All Audiences

Jennifer Gottwald, Ph.D., CLP, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)


The AUTM Women Inventors Committee is a group of volunteers passionate about generating ideas and implementing changes to increase the participation of women in innovation. We are forming alliances with other advocacy organizations, such as Fast Forward/Quantum Leaps (national NGO promoting women’s business formation), that will help showcase the positive work AUTM is pursuing in this arena. We are identifying meaningful metrics to measure women’s participation in innovation and encouraging technology transfer offices to track those. We are synthesizing information about why women are underrepresented and offering ideas AUTM members can implement to change this. Because of AUTM's worldwide recognition, we have the potential to implement changes that will empower more women to participate and take leadership roles in all stages of transferring new discoveries to the market. While this has the potential to encompass a very broad spectrum of activities, we focus on those activities wherein because of AUTM member's core knowledge and strengths, we are uniquely suited to affect change. Please join us at our SIG to hear what we’ve learned, share your own experiences and ideas, and join this effort to ensure that our institutions and economies are benefitting from contributions from all scientists and technologists.

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