Track D

D4 Advanced Bayh-Dole Compliance Discussion

Track: Administrative & Operations

Target Audience: Advanced

Michele O'Shea, Borman and Company LLC

Rebecca Hernandez, Caltech

One of the most frustrating jobs in technology transfer can be trying to get your institution up-to-date with all of your government reporting into iEdison. First you have all of the current inventions to report. You’ve probably also found inventions from your institution that should be in iEdison but are not. Then there are the endless notification messages that never seem to end and the messages related to inventions that should not even be in iEdison. Then you have the messages related to incorrect government support clauses that will take a Certificate of Correction to change and on top of that, messages indicating multiple years of utilization reporting now being owed. Where and how do you even start to get a mess like this cleaned up? The speakers will provide you with best tips. It’s a session you won’t want to miss!  

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