Track C

C2 Diagnostics: Patent Eligibility and the Industry Perspective *CLE Eligible

Track: IP Trends and Successful Practices

Target Audience: All Audiences

John Cosmopoulos, M.Sc., M.B.A., CLP, Tufts University

Haskell T. Adler, Ph.D., M.B.A., Moffitt Cancer Center
Michael C. Cerio, Signal Genetics, Inc.
Melissa Hunter-Ensor, Ph.D., Saul Ewing LLP

Patent eligibility of diagnostic, pre-clinical and clinical methods in the United States has become much more limited over the last several years. Recent U.S. case law — from AMP v. Myriad to Mayo v. Prometheus — has made a significant impact on patent eligibility of diagnostics. This session will help you navigate new USPTO Guidelines on patent eligible subject matter. You’ll gain a better understanding of patent eligibility requirements in the United States as well as other jurisdictions. Learn the best strategies for pursuing patent protection around biomarkers. This session will also provide an industry perspective on the most appealing diagnostic innovations for licensing. Discover the types of data and validation that are critical for you to successfully commercialize these technologies.

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