Track A

SIG2 Industry Special Interest Group

Track: Industry/Academic Partnerships

Target Audience: All Audiences

Jarrod Borkat, MedImmune
Li Wang, Astrazeneca
Christopher Yochim, Easy Rider Stable Relationships


Join us for a discussion on open innovation: Industry facilitating academic collaboration. Industry recognizes that great ideas come from many sources. In fact, most biomedical innovation occurs outside company laboratories. To push the boundaries of science and deliver new medicines to patients, pharma and biotech need to create a more permeable research environment, collaborating with academia and government and foundations. Identification of innovative science requires us all to work in more open and creative ways.  
Goals of Open Innovation:
Connect and explore each other’s strengths, priorities and visions, then determine how we can partner for mutual benefit
Provide a robust but simple process to link expertise, experience, resources, and technology with those of external experts and to explore prospective partnerships
Making our knowledge and compounds more accessible to academic investigators. 
Partnering across all stages from the early idea through to early clinical development.
Sharing ideas and collaborating to push the boundaries of science and deliver life-changing medicines to patients with otherwise intractable diseases.

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