Track A

SIG1 MTA SIG - Those Difficult Industry-University MTAs

Track: Industry/Academic Partnerships

Target Audience: All Audiences

Stephen Harsy, Ph.D., University of Arizona


What are the barriers to transfering research materials from industry to university researchers? Join the discussion of the key terms that can make these transfer agreements difficult and the creative approaches to overcoming these sticking points. The conversation will be jointly led by industry and academic leaders. Topics to be covered include: payment of royalties to license inventions made by university researchers using the materials; the meaning of “freedom to operate”; sublicensing no-cost licenses; payment of patent costs by company provider; controlling patent prosecution; accessing materials created by the university as a result of its use of the material; rights to inventions outisde the allowed scope of work; and agreements by the university to keep the structure or identity of the material secret.

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