Track A

A8 How to Navigate Software Commercialization in the Land of Open Source!

Track: Licensing Successful Practices

Target Audience: All Audiences

Drew Bennett, J.D., University of Michigan

Michael Atlass, Qualcomm
Christopher Ghere, University of Minnesota
Wendy Zimbone, J.D., Talem IP Law LLP

It is hard to discuss software development today without open source being mentioned.  Open source software is a driving force in software innovation worldwide, but it is unfortunately not "free source code." Open source licenses come in different shapes and sizes with a variety of rules and restrictions. Come learn about the basics of open source, the different types of open source licenses and how they all work together.  We will discuss the details of permissive free software licenses and copyleft licenses.  Then we will go over in detail open source license compatibility and the nuances which can render different licenses and versions incompatible with each other. We will also go over what can be done to commercialize these different software innovations. We will cover what can be commercialized when third-party open source software has been integrated into university source code and also when solely developed university code has been released open source due to grant obligations and other reasons.  You will leave this session with confidence to tackle open source and still achieve successful software commercialization.

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