Track A

A3 Regular, Clever and Tricky Marketing Tactics

Track: Marketing Successful Practices

Target Audience: Fundamental

Pasquale Ferrari, University of Maryland

Mark Maynard, University of Michigan
Danielle McCulloch, M.B.A., Fuentek, LLC
Abhishek Sangal, M.S., M.B.A., Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Join this discussion to learn a variety of clever and tricky marketing tactics that will help you reach upper level decision makers. First you’ll learn the basics that every licensing officer should know — from crafting an effective value proposition to engaging research sponsors, attending relevant trade shows, googling company licensing contacts and utilizing university databases. Then the panelists will share their clever, quirky tactics — from social media stalking to go-for-broke cold calling. When clever takes you only so far, a tricky tactic may win the day. Panelists share their eureka moments when a tricky approach yielded surprising results. Join this session to add to your marketing toolbox or share your own clever or tricky tactic that made the connection or got the deal done.

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