AUTM 2014 Annual MeetingAUTM 40th

Track F

F1 Should Universities Throw in the Towel on High Tech Patenting and Licensing

Track: IP Trends and Successful Practices
Target Audience: All Audiences
Moderator: Luis Mejia , Stanford University
Speakers: Frederic Farina, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
Lori Paulin, Hewlett-Packard Company
James Spohrer, IBM
Erik Straser, Ph.D., Mohr Davidow Ventures

High tech products sometimes have thousands of patents in a single product. As frequent purveyors of single patents, how do we get the attention of high tech companies? And should we? Does it make sense (business, financial, relationship, etc.) for universities to patent in high tech if a start-up or other company is not already interested in licensing the technology?

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