AUTM Licensing Activity Surveys

The AUTM Licensing Activity Survey offers quantitative data and real-world examples about licensing activities at U.S. and Canadian universities, hospitals and research institutions.

AUTM Licensing Activity Survey: FY2015

Data released from the licensing activity survey indicate research institutions are fueling growth in new technologies with substantial increases in licensing agreements, invention disclosures, patent applications and creation of new startups in fiscal 2015Find more information about the FY2015 survey here.

All members whose institutions participated in the FY2015 survey receive a free annual subscription to STATT. Members from nonparticipating institutions can purchase an annual subscription of STATT for $100. The annual subscription fee for nonmembers is $450.

AUTM Licensing Activity Survey: FY2014

Data released from the licensing activity survey provided renewed evidence of steady growth in the patenting and licensing of new technologies, net product sales, and new products and startups in fiscal 2014. Find more information about the FY2014 survey here.

AUTM Licensing Activity Survey: Past Survey Data

Data from past surveys is available in AUTM Statistics Access for Tech Transfer (STATT), a searchable, exportable database of more than 20 years of academic licensing data collected by AUTM from participating academic institutions. Find more information on past surveys or purchase past reports.

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