Professional Exchange Program

Interested in learning about best practices in successful technology transfer offices? Does your office set the gold standard and is it willing to share knowledge? Then you want to participate in AUTM’s new Exchange Program.  

AUTM is launching a pilot for a professional exchange program.  All levels of professionals are invited to participate.  

Those interested in participating as a Hosting Institution should complete and return the Hosting Institution Application form, and those interested in being a participant should complete and return a Participant Application form. The deadline for Hosting Institutions to submit applications is March 16, 2018. The deadline for individual participants to submit applications is April 16, 2018

Note: It will be up to the discretion of the hosting institution as to whether the hosting institution will accept an individual participant and the hosting institution will work with the individual participant to work out logistical issues related to when, duration and other matters outside the auspices of AUTM.