2016 Business Development Course

Healthcare IT Commercialization

November 30 - December 1
Hilton Austin
Austin, TX USA

IT is revolutionizing healthcare with its ability to streamline decision making, and improve cost efficiency. Yet with these innovations come challenges, including achieving compliance and planning for effective disaster recovery and of course data and infrastructure security. The fast evolving landscape in Healthcare IT (HCIT) presents a unique opportunity for academia to be the first movers to provide solutions as well as improvements in this field. It also presents an opportunity for technology transfer professionals to take the lead in setting best practices for how to protect, add translational value and structure deals and transactions in this nascent field.
This course provides an in-depth look at current trends and needs in the HCIT sector, IP considerations when dealing with HCIT, licensing considerations from the licensor’s point of view including valuation of HCIT solutions, and how to package a deal and items to consider during negotiations. We will also discuss considerations around HCIT related topics, such as the commercialization/licensing of data and, a startup panel to discuss all things related to HCIT startup companies.

So, two-step it down to Austin for a deep dive into the business of innovation in HCIT!

Presentation Downloads and Attendee Roster

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*This course will offer 8 hours of continuing education (CE) for those who attend the entire meeting.


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Event date: 11/30/2016 12:00 PM - 12/1/2016 2:00 PM