2017 Board of Directors

Learn more about the 2017 AUTM Board of Directors by clicking below. Each link includes more information on board members, position descriptions and qualifications.

President - Mary Albertson, CLP, RTTP
Chair-Elect - Alison Campbell, OBE, PhD, RTTP
Immediate Past President - David Winwood, PhD, RTTP
Treasurer - John Perchorowicz, PhD, RTTP
Director Richard Chylla, PhD, CLP
Director Douglas Hockstad
Director Rebecca Mahurin, PhD
Director Holly Meadows, JD
Director Christopher Noble, CLP, RTTP
Director Kenneth W. Porter, PhD, RTTP
Director Marc Sedam, MBA
Director Gayatri Varma, PhD
Director James R. Zanewicz, RTTP

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Stephen J. Susalka, PhD, CLP