President’s Award

The President’s Award is given in recognition of the recipient’s outstanding and lasting contributions to the AUTM organization.

2016 President's Award - Lita Nelsen, RTTP


Lita Nelsen, RTTP is the Director of the Technology Licensing Office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This office manages over 350 new inventions per year from M.I.T., the Whitehead Institute, and Lincoln Laboratory. They negotiate over 100 licenses, and 10 to 15 start-up companies per year.

Prior to joining the M.I.T. Technology Licensing Office, Ms. Nelsen spent 20 years in industry, primarily in the fields of membrane separations, medical devices, and biotechnology, at such companies as Amicon, Millipore, Arthur D. Little, Inc., and Applied Biotechnology.

Ms. Nelsen was the 1992 President of the Association of University Technology Managers and serves on the Board of the State of Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation and the Massachusetts Biotechnology Corporation and has served on the Boards of the M.I.T. Enterprise Forum, the Cornell Research Foundation and other boards. She has served as advisor to the NIH, the National Academy of Sciences and the Office of Technology Assessment. She is widely published in the field of technology transfer and university/industry collaborations. 

Ms. Nelsen is also the Intellectual Property Advisor to the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, and was recently elected a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. Ms. Nelsen earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering from M.I.T. and an M.S. in Management from M.I.T. as a Sloan Fellow.

Lita Nelsen has been part of MIT’s Technology Licensing Office (TLO) since 1986, and has been its director since 1992, helping to shape the Institute’s highly successful culture of technology spinoffs. In 2014, she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award of the organization Global University Venturing. 

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