AUTM Strategic Plan

I. Empowered Membership: AUTM membership will have the knowledge, tools and training they need to be successful

  1. Develop a structured professional development plan to ensure high-quality education for life-long learning
  2. Create, grow and cultivate AUTM’s Body of Knowledge
  3. Ensure membership awareness and access to AUTM products, tools and services
  4. Develop formalized mentorship opportunities

II. Acknowledged Value of Academic Technology Transfer: Stakeholders will support the advancement of Academic Technology Transfer because they understand it and its value to society

  1. Develop a unified strategic communications plan for internal and external stakeholders to ensure awareness and a positive brand image of AUTM
  2. Leverage relationships with supportive stakeholder groups to improve the understanding of the societal benefit and economic impact of academic technology transfer
  3. Broaden the definition of success in technology transfer

III. Partnerships: AUTM will develop and foster productive relationships and work collaboratively with diverse partners to increase AUTM’s impact

  1. Enhance engagement with industry
  2. Increase partnerships with diverse organizations that are synergistic to AUTM’s mission
  3. Expand funding and financial collaboration opportunities to diversify AUTM’s sources of revenue

IV. Favorable Environment: AUTM will proactively support initiatives that contribute to a favorable environment for technology transfer globally

  1. Ensure integrity of Bayh-Dole Act and similar enabling legislation and the robustness of global patent system
  2. Increase understanding and support of the role of technology transfer among senior university administrators, policy makers, and the general public
  3. Empower membership by providing timely and relevant advocacy information
  4. Facilitate engagement in global policy and expand collaboration with global organizations