Upcoming AUTM Events

Life Sciences Collaborative 2015 Annual Meeting
Mar 3 - Mar 3, 2015

Anatomy of a License Agreement
Apr 23, 2015
If you work in technology transfer, you need to understand license agreements. Whether you are an administrative professional, a licensing associate, or just interested in knowing more about “what’s under the hood” in intellectual property licenses, this webinar is for you! In this session, the experienced presenters will review key elements of a license agreement and share strategies for promoting cooperative negotiation and win-win outcomes.

2015 Central Region Meeting
Jul 20, 2015

AUTM Successful Practices in Small Technology Transfer Offices
Jul 21 - Jul 22, 2015
The AUTM Small Office course is designed specifically for technology transfer professionals working in small offices. This course will be beneficial to those with an interest in starting a new technology transfer office or who already have an existing small office and would like to grow existing efforts dramatically.

2015 Eastern Region Meeting
Aug 31, 2015

Oct 5 - Oct 7, 2015
The TOOLS Course is designed for professionals responsible for the administration of a technology transfer office. The workshops provide a fundamental understanding of technology transfer and the patent and licensing processes. The critical issues of compliance and using iEdison will be explored, along with finding efficient ways to manage and utilize large volumes of information and data. The complexities of finance matters including budgeting, tracking expenses and managing the receipt and distribution of licensing revenue will also be examined.

AUTM Essentials Course
Oct 5 - Oct 7, 2015
The Essentials course brings individuals from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience to a common understanding of the fundamental goals and processes of academic technology transfer. The course builds skills and resources necessary to function effectively at evaluating inventions and negotiating license agreements.