Upcoming AUTM Events

How to Choose an Exciting Career Path In Tech Transfer
Aug 4, 2015
Thinking about a career in technology transfer? Register for this free webinar and listen to presenters discuss how tech transfer plays a critical role in transferring inventions to the market and the best way to choose tech transfer as a career path. Attendees will gain an appreciation for mentorship in this career, understand the different roles in a tech transfer office and the pathways to getting a certification such as a RTTP or a CLP. Register today!

Meeting the Challenges of TTO Royalty & Equity Distributions
Aug 12, 2015
Register for this webinar and listen to presenters discuss the framework of policies and procedures for distributing licensing as well as useful tools that can help technology transfer professionals smoothly carry out important administrative tasks. This is a can’t miss webinar!

Triage - How to Evaluate Early Stage Technologies
Aug 18, 2015
Join and listen to experts explain the basics of invention disclosure evaluation and selection, using the triage technique. Presenters will take a step-by-step approach when describing both invention disclosure evaluation and triage. Useful tools for the triage process, including checklist and patent searches will also be provided. Register to learn more!

2015 Eastern Region Meeting
Aug 31 - Sep 1, 2015

2015 Western Region Meeting
Sep 10 - Sep 11, 2015
The AUTM 2015 Western Region Meeting encourages interaction between colleagues from the Western United States and Canada. Join other AUTM Western Region members in Calgary, Canada for an exciting program of educational and networking events designed to provide insights for experienced and new technology transfer professionals.

The How-To's for Improving Technology Transfer Office Legal Expense Review, Approval and Invoicing Process
Sep 30, 2015
Join this webinar and learn legal methods and best practices that can be utilized to help tech transfer offices with implementing good habits with service providers, requesting estimates and setting caps for commissioned work. Presenters will also give guidance on how to greatly improve legal processes in your own institution. Register Today!

AUTM Essentials Course
Oct 5 - Oct 7, 2015
The Essentials course brings individuals from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience to a common understanding of the fundamental goals and processes of academic technology transfer. The course builds skills and resources necessary to function effectively at evaluating inventions and negotiating license agreements.

Oct 5 - Oct 7, 2015
The TOOLS Course is designed for professionals responsible for the administration of a technology transfer office. The workshops provide a fundamental understanding of technology transfer and the patent and licensing processes. The critical issues of compliance and using iEdison will be explored, along with finding efficient ways to manage and utilize large volumes of information and data. The complexities of finance matters including budgeting, tracking expenses and managing the receipt and distribution of licensing revenue will also be examined.