Surveys & Publications

AUTM Licensing Activity Surveys
Quantitative data and real-world examples of licensing activities at U.S. and Canadian universities, hospitals and research institutions.
FY2010, FY2009FY2008FY2007FY2006FY2005FY2004FY2003FY2002FY2001FY2000FY1999FY1998,

AUTM Material Transfer Agreement Survey Report
AUTM 2011 Material Transfer Agreement Survey Report 

AUTM Salary Surveys
The AUTM Salary Survey assesses 10 professional technology transfer positions in 17 countries and 195 organizations.

AUTM Transaction Survey
A survey of nonlicensing activities of technology transfer offices.
The AUTM Transaction Survey: FY2009

Better World Report
The 2010 edition of the Better World Report: The Positive Impact of Academic Innovations on Quality of Life celebrates real-world examples of technologies that directly impact the health, well-being and overall quality of life of people around the world.

Technology Transfer Practice (TTP) Manuals
Comprehensive multiple-volume reference tools covering more than 40 subject areas in the area of university technology transfer.
3rd Edition
2nd Edition

AUTM Statistics Access for Tech Transfer (STATT)
A searchable, exportable database of more than 17 years of academic licensing data collected by AUTM from participating academic institutions.