Master UBMTA Agreement Signatories


  1. Aarhus, University of, Lard Bolund, Doctor of Medical Science, Chairman, 06/24/98
  2. Academisch Medisch Centrum (Academic Medical Center), Amsterdam, Prof. Dr. M.M. Levi, Chair of the Executive Board and Dean, 06/12/12
  3. AgResearch Ltd., Raakura Research Centre, Dr. Wayne Hein, Animal Health Section Manager, 7/28/09 
  4. Alabama, University of, at Birmingham, Office of Grants and Contracts Administration, Kenneth J. Roozen, PhD, Executive VP, 04/26/95
  5. Alabama, University of, The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama for and on behalf of its component institution, Donald J. Benson, Ph.D., Vice President for Reseach, 02/09/12
  6. Alabama, University of, in Huntsville, The Board of Trustees of the University of, Office of Technology Commercialization, Lawrence R. Greenwood, PhD, Vice President for Research, 02/20/06
  7. Alaska, University of, Craig Dorman, Vice President for Research, 12/02/04
  8. Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, James J. Gozzo, Ph.D., President, 10/26/12
  9. Albany Medical College, Thomas J. Irwin, Director, Research Administration, 09/28/04
  10. Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University, Sidney Goldfischer, M.D., Associate Dean for Scientific Operations, 11/30/95
  11. Alberta, The University of, Sharlene Coss, Contracts Manager, 04/16/96
  12. Allegheny-Singer Research Institute, Chet Cornman, Vice President, 4/17/09
  13. Allen Institute for Brain Science, The, Elaine Jones, Chief Operating Officer, 05/05/06 
  14. American University of Beirut, The, Ahmad Dallal, Provost, 04/22/13
  15. Arizona, University of, Michael A. Cusanovich, PhD, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, 06/05/95
  16. Arkansas State University, Dr. Elizabeth E. Hood, Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology Transfer, 06/01/06
  17. Arkansas, The Board of Trustees of the University of, Acting on behalf of all Campuses, B. Alan Sugg, President, 03/26/98
  18. Auburn University, C. Michael Moriarty, Associate Provost and Vice President for Research, 06/06/98
  19. Aurora Health Care, Inc., Randall Lambrecht, Ph.D., Vice President Research and Academic Affairs, 08/24/11
  20. AvidBiotics Corp., David Martin, CEO, 08/12/11
  21. Babraham Institute, The, Dr. Cariline Edmonds, Deputy Director (Operations), 01/20/11
  22. Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute Holdings Limited, Guy Krippner, Executive General Manager Commercialisation and Contracts, 07/19/2012
  23. Ball State University, Thomas E. Spangler, Associate Vice President for Finance and Assistant Treasurer, 06/28/06
  24. Basel, University of, Prof. Dr. Peter Meier-Abt, Vice-Rector, 02/09/11
  25. Baylor College of Medicine, James W. Patrick, PhD, Vice President and Dean of Research, 10/20/00
  26. Baylor Research Institute, Bernard Brigonnet, CEO, 01/04/11
  27. Baystate Health, Inc, Hal B. Jenson, MD, MBA, Chief Academic Officer, 02/13/06
  28. Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope, Eric Jurrus, PhD, Director, Office of Technology, 06/05/95
  29. Behavioral Sciences Foundation, Frank Ervin, MD, President, 12/12/08
  30. Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason, Kelly Moutsos, Grants & Contracts Manager, 02/08/05
  31. Bern, University of, Dr. Daniel Odermatt, Director of Administration, 5/31/10
  32. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Mark Chalek, Director, Office of Corporate Research, 07/01/99
  33. Birmingham, University of, United Kingdom, Jean Hammersley, Assistant Director of Finance, 03/11/03
  34. Blood Center of Wisconsin and Blood Research Institute, Gilbert C. White, II, M.D., Executive VP for Research, 09/22/11
  35. Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH & Co KG, Prof. Dr. Eric Haaksma 04/23/12 and Dr. Erik Patzelt, 04/18/12
  36. Boise State University, Mary Givens, Director Office of Technology transfer, 01/07/11
  37. Boston Baskin Cancer Group, PLC, d/b/a University of Tennessee Cancer Institute, Phil Sydow, CEO, 01/07/11
  38. Boston Biomedical Research Institute, Dr. Kathleen G. Morgan, Sr. Scientist & Director, 05/16/95
  39. Boston College, Stephen Erickson, Director, Office of Research Administration, 04/20/95
  40. Boston Medical Center Corporation, John Cragin, Associate Director, Grants Administration, 07/02/01
  41. Boston University, The Trustees of, Ashley J. Stevens, Director, Office of Technology Transfer, 06/17/04
  42. Bowling Green State University, Anthony M. Boccanfuso (Update contact as of 02/25/04: Heinz Bulmann, Ph.D.), Vice Provost for Research, 12/04/97
  43. Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Inc., Joyce L. Frank, Vice President for Operations, 11/04/98
  44. Brandeis University, Joel M. Cohen, Assistant Provost for Research, 12/04/97
  45. Brigham and Women's Hospital, Shelby Calvert Morss, Vice President, 05/23/95
  46. British Columbia Cancer Agency Branch, Sarah Jane Lee, Director, Technology Development Office, 9/16/08 
  47. British Columbia, University of, Richard D. Spratley, Director, Research Services, 11/03/98
  48. Broad Institute, The, Gillian Isabelle, Ph.D., Director, Business Development Office, 11/09/09
  49. Brown University, Alice A. Tangredi-Hannon, Director, Office of Research Administration, 08/29/95
  50. Buffalo, The Research Foundation on behalf of University of, Charles Kaars, Assistant Vice President, 02/24/03
  51. California Department of Public Health (Infant Botulism Program), Stephen S. Arnon, M.D., Chief of Infant Botulism Treatment and prevention Program, 09/16/13-
  52. California, The Regents of the University of, Office of Technology Transfer, Terence A. Feuerborn, Executive Director, 06/30/95
  53. California, University of, at Santa Cruz, Office of Sponsored Programs, William Clark, Director, 02/02/00
  54. California Institute of Technology, Lawrence Gilbert, Director of Technology Transfer, 01/30/96
  55. California Pacific Medical Center, David R. Fielder, Vice President, Research, 02/12/98
  56. Cambridge University, Martin Reavley, Director, 09/21/10
  57. Cardiff University, Geraint Jones, Director, Research and Commercial Division, 03/28/06
  58. Carilion Medical Center, Daniel Harrington, MD, Vice President, Academic Affairs, 6/19/09
  59. Carnegie Institution of Washington, John J. Lively, Director of Administration and Finance, 03/23/04
  60. Carnegie Mellon University, Susan L. Burkett, Associate Provost for Research and Academic Administration, 08/20/03
  61. Case Western Reserve University (Update contact as of 09/27/12: Joseph Jankowski, Ph.D., Associate Vice President and John Wheeler, Senior Vice President of Administration) Richard A. Zdanis, Provost & University Vice President, 07/29/98
  62. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Shlomo Melmed, Daniel M. Oshiro, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs,
  63. Central Florida, University of, John Miner, Licensing Associate, 7/27/09
  64. Central Michigan University, John J. McGrath, Ph.D., Vice President for Research, 01/28/13
  65. Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, Dr. Shitij Kapur, Vice President Research, 07/19/04
  66. Centre Hospitalier Universitaire De Quebec,Rene Rouleau, Director General, CHUQ, 11/3/08, Jean-Claude Forest, Director, CRCHUQ, 10/28/08
  67. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Philippe Pieri, Regional Delegate of the CNRS-Alsace Delegation, 01/06/09
  68. Chicago, The University of, Mary Ellen Sheridan, Assistant Vice President for Research, 05/25/95
  69. Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland, Antonie H. Paap, President & CEO, 08/16/04
  70. Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Nick Goodman, Director, Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer, 04/02/03
  71. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Robert G. Uris, Vice President, Research, 08/04/98
  72. Children's Hospital, Boston, Intellectual Property Office, Donald P. Lombardi, Director, 02/17/00
  73. Children's Hospital, Boston, Brenda Manning, Senior Licensing Manager, 05/05/06
  74. Chinese University of Hong Kong, The, Mrs. Alice Ngan Yip, Director, Research and Technology Administration Office, 09/06/02
  75. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, David N. Glass, M.D., Associate Director, CCRF, 03/03/08
  76. Cincinnati, University of, Norman M. Pollack, PhD, Director & Intellectual Property and University Pa, 04/19/95
  77. City of Hope National Medical Center, Office of Technology Transfer, Eric Jurrus, PhD, Director, 05/30/95
  78. City University of New York (CUNY),The,  represented by the Research Foundation of The City University of New York (RFCUNY), Jake J.E. Maslow, Esq., Director, Technology Commercialization Office, 03/21/07
  79. Clark University, Richard P. Traina, PhD, President, 08/29/95
  80. Clemson University, Y.T. Shah, Chief Research Officer and Senior Vice Provost, 10/12/98
  81. Cliniques Universitaires St. LUV (UCL), J. Melin, Medical Director, General Coordinator, 09/17/10
  82. CNRS, Neurobiologie Cellulaire et Moleculaire, Dr. Gerard Baux, Director of Laboratory Neurobiologie Cellulaire et Moleculaire, 01/27/03
  83. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Office of Technology Transfer, John Maroney, Director, 03/12/01
  84. College of the Holy Cross, Rev. John E. Brooks, President Emeritus, 08/25/95
  85. College of William and Mary, Jason P. McDevitt, Director, Technology Transfer, 9/25/09 
  86. Colorado, University of, System Technology Transfer, Ken Porter, Ph.D., Director of Licensing, and David N. Allen, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer, 12/05/05
  87. Colorado Seminary (dba: The University of Denver), Margaret Henry, Controller, 02/09/12
  88. Colorado State University System, acting by and through Colorado State University, Sponsored Programs, Anthony Frank, Ph.D., Vice President Research and Information Technology, 08/20/04
  89. Compass Dermatopathology Inc., Antoanella Calame, MD, Medical Director, 09/18/12
  90. Concordia University, Dr. Carole Brabant, Acting Director, Office of Research, 11/17/09
  91. Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Patrick Garvey, Interim Chief Financial Officer, 12/20/13 
  92. Connecticut, University of, Health Center, Leonard P. Paplauskas, Assistance Vice President for Research, 05/09/95
  93. Connecticut, University of, Thomas G. Giolas, Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education, 08/05/97
  94. Cornell University, Norman R. Scott, VP for Research and Advanced Studies, 10/07/95
  95. Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Food Science, Csilla Mohacsine-Farkas, Ph.D., Vice Dean of Science, 06/24/13
  96. Creighton University, Kathleen Taggart, Associate Vice President for Research and Compliance, 12/17/10
  97. CSIR Biosciences, Dr. Rchikwamba, 08/11/11
  98. CSIRO Plant Industry, Richard Steele, Contracts Officer, 04/06/00
  99. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Office of Technology Transfer, Ruth Emyanitoff, PhD, Director, 05/02/01
  100. Delaware, University of, Costel D. Denson, Vice Provost for Research, 04/21/95
  101. Department of Molecular Biology, The Institute of Basic Medicine, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Weidong Han, Associated Professor, 08/08/06
  102. Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ) updated on 01/29/13- Formerly listed as: DKFZ Heidelberg/Bioquant/ Dr. Anne Hamacher-Brady, Authorized Official: Dr. Ruth Herzog, Head of Office of Technology Transfer, 11/09/12
  103. Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ) and Universtatsklinikum Heidelberg (UKL), Dr. Ruth Herzog, 09/16/13
  104. Doheny Eye Institute, Ronald E. Smith, M.D., Vice President, 07/26/96
  105. East Carolina University, Martha J. S. Van Scott, Director, Office of Technology Transfer, 03/24/04
  106. Eastern Virginia Medical School, Robert F. Williams, Ph.D., M.B.A., Director, Office of Technology Transfer, 07/29/03
  107. Emory University, Nancy L. Wilkinson, M.P.H., Assistant VP for Research, 10/03/96
  108. Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center, William R. Sawyers, Chief Administrative Officer, 5/15/09
  109. Feinstein Institute for Medical Research,The, Kirk R. Manogue, Assistant Vice President and Director, Office of Technology Transfer, 05/08/07
  110. Florida State University, Kirby W. Kemper, Vice President for Research, 9/8/09
  111. Florida, University of, Karen A. Holbrook, Vice President and Dean, 08/04/95
  112. Forsyth Institute, Richard L. Pharo, Sc.D., Executive Vice President, 08/11/06
  113. Fox Chase Cancer Center, Frances Galvin, Assistant Director, Business Development, 05/17/01
  114. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Technology Transfer, Catherine J. Hennings, Director, 10/19/95
  115. Fukuoka University Faculty of Medicine, Mesahide Kuroki, M.D., Ph.D.,Dean, 12/02/10
  116. Fundacion Progreso Y Salud, Office of Technology Transfer, Rafael Camacho Fumanal, Director OTT-APHS, 08/11/06
  117. Geisinger Clinic, David J. Carey, Ph.D., Associate Chief Research Officer, Director & Senior Scientist, Weis Center for Research, 12/21/12
  118. General Hospital of Jinan Military Area, Thoracic Surgery, Lu Zhaotong, Professor and Director, 01/26/02
  119. Geneva, University of, Jean-Luc Veuthey, Vice-Rector, 11/02/11
  120. GenoCell LLC, Rick Roth, Chief Operating Officer, 07/21/05
  121. George Washington University, The, (Update contact as of 09/28/01: Astra Bain-Dowell, Assistant Vice President for Health Research, Compliance and Technology Transfer, 09/28/01)Dr. Anne Hirshfield, VP for Health Research, 08/16/06
  122. Georgetown University, Carol L. Tracy (Update contact as of 8/5/02: Martin A. Miller, Vice President for Technology Transfer), Esq., Director of Technology Transfer, 10/04/95
  123. Georgia State University, Robin Morris, PhD, Vice President of Research, 9/29/07 
  124. Georgia, University of, Joe L. Key, Vice President for Research, 02/12/97
  125. Georgia, University of, Research Foundation, Inc., Joe L. Key, Executive Vice President, 02/12/97
  126. Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Jilda D. Garton, Associate Vice Provost for Research, 09/03/99
  127. Girona, University of, Cardiovascular Genetics Center, Guillermo Lavier Perez, Ph.D., 07/10/09. Institution withdraw acceptance as of  11/14/11
  128. Girona, University of, Cardiovascular Genetics Center, 11/14/11
  129. Governing Council of the University of Toronto, The, (Update contact as of 08/08/12, Lino DeFacendis, Director Partnership) Jennifer A. MacInnis, Director, Intellectual Property & Contracts,  4/2/09
  130. Granada, University of, Jesus Chamorro, Deputy-Chancellor, 06/15/12
  131. Grand Valley State University, Robert P. Smart, Vice Provost for Research Administration, 09/25/13
  132. Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yuan Zhen-Hong, Chief Scientist, Dean of Lab of Biomass Energy Bioconversion, 02/06/07
  133. Guelph, University of, Dept. of Environmental Biology, J. Christopher Hall, Ph.D., Professor, 07/15/03
  134. Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation, William Agger, MD, Director of Research, 11/11/09
  135. H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, James Mul, Ph.D., ACD, Translational Research/Tech Development, 09/26/03
  136. Harbin Medical University, Department of Pharmacology, Prof. Guoften Qiao, Vice Director, 11/12/10
  137. Harvard College, President and Fellows of, Awards Management and Resource Information, Patricia Tucker, Director, 03/07/95
  138. Hawaii, University of, Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Develop, Richard F. Cox, Jr. (Original Signatory was Glenn K. Nakamura), Director, 06/26/98
  139. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Eran Vardi, Director, Authority for Research and Development, 04/06/10
  140. Henry Ford Health System, Nancy J. Hay, MHSA, Director of Research, 01/19/12
  141. Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc., The, John W. Lowe, President, 05/01/06
  142. Het Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis, Professor A. J. M Berns, Director of Research, 10/14/09
  143. Hokkaido University, Grad. Sch. Pharm. Sci., Hideyoshi Yokosawa, Ph.D., Dean, 06/25/06
  144. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Technology Transfer Center, Roland T. Chin, Vice-President for Research and Development, 11/12/03
  145. Hospital for Sick Children, The, Contracts Office, Anitra Sisavang, Coordinator, 11/11/05
  146. House Ear Institute, David J. Lim, MD, Executive Vice President, Research, 09/09/05
  147. Houston, University of, Elizabeth Anderson-Fletcher, Associate Vice Chancellor/Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer, 05/16/11
  148. Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Jack Dixon, Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, 05/09/07
  149. Humboldt University, Institute of Biology, Thomas J. Buckhout, Professor, Institute Director, 09/09/99
  150. Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation, Steven Karp, Director, 03/05/13
  151. Iceland, University of, Agust H. Ingporsson, Director, Research Liaison Office, 02/03/11
  152. Idaho, University of, Charles R. Hatch, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, 03/21/01
  153. Illinois, Board of Trustees of the University of, Craig S. Bazzani, Comptroller, 03/11/98
  154. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of, Research and Technology Management Office, Melvin J. DeGeeter, PhD, Director, 10/10/95
  155. Illinois University at Carbondale, SIUC, John S. Jackson IIII, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost for Jo Ann Argersinger, Chancellor, 01/22/99
  156. Immune Disease Institute, Inc., Ryan M. Dietz, Director, Office of Technology Development, 8/18/10
  157. Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Mirabell Nsofor, Contracts Officer-MTAs, 12/14/11
  158. Indiana University, Technology Transfer Office, Dr. Melvin J. DeGeeter, Director, 07/05/95
  159. Institut fur Molekulare (IMBA), Dr. Josef Penninger, Director, 06/07/04
  160. Institut fur Pharmazeutische Biologie der Rheinischen, Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat Bonn, Dr. E. Leistner, Professor, Geschaftsfuhrender Direktor, 01/09/97
  161. Institut fur Vegetative Physiologie, Prof. Dr. med. G. Pfitzer, Director, 3/8/10
  162. Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS), Alain Fournier, PhD., Interim Director, INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier, 08/09/06
  163. Institut Pasteur Korea, Dr. Olf Nehrbass, CEO, 1/20/10
  164. Institute for Animal Health, Richard Shaw, Director of Operations, 06/01/12
  165. Institute for Biological Energy Alternatives, Inc., J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., President, 09/10/03
  166. Institute for Brain Research, Dr. Hans Lassmann, Professor and Director, 05/22/02
  167. Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Robert M. Krug, Ph.D., Professor, 09/06/06
  168. Institute for Genomic Research, William C. Nierman, PhD, Vice President for Research, 05/21/99
  169. Institute for Hygiene and Infectious Diseases in Animals, Justus Liebig University of Giessen, Georg Baljer, Professor Dr. habil., Head of Institute, 09/20/06
  170. Institute for Systems Biology, Leroy E. Hood, MD, PhD, President, Director and Professor, 05/02/01
  171. Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (IBCB), Fudi Ni, Director of Academic Administration Department, IBCB, 07/07/05
  172. Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kang Chong, Professor, 8/31/2009 
  173. Institute of Chemical Technology, G.D. Yadou, Professor, Vice Chancellor, ICT, 02/24/12
  174. Institute of Paper Science and Technology, Gary A. Baum, Vice-President of Research and Academic Affairs, 04/22/99
  175. Institute of Plant Biology, China, Wu Ping, Executive Deputy Dean of Life Science College, 01/27/00
  176. Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST), Thomas A. Henzinger, President, 02/11
  177. Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL), Dr. Jean-Claude Schmit, President of the Governing Board, 4/27/10
  178. International University Bremen GmbH, Dr. Alexander Ziegler-Jons, Vice President University Development, 11/29/06
  179. Iowa State University, Richard E. Hasbrook (Update contact as of 2/27/03 Thane Peterson), Contracts and Grants Officer, 08/18/99
  180. Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc., Original signatory: Alan S. Paau (contact as of 2/12/03: Ken Kirkland), Executive Director, 01/16/96
  181. Iowa, University of, Twila Fisher Reighley, Vice President for Research, 12/16/05
  182. IUT de Quimper, Adrien Binet, Professor, 06/05/98
  183. J. Craig Venter Institute, Inc., (Update contact as of 12/13/04 - Formerly listed as Center for the Advancement of Genomics, Inc.), 9704 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD 20850
  184. J. Craig Venter/Marvin Frazier (Update contact as of 12/13/04), Ph.D., President/Vice President, Research (Updated 12/13/04), 09/10/03
  185. J. Craig Venter Science Foundation Joing Technology Center, Inc., J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., President, 09/10/03
  186. J. David Gladstone Institutes, Joan Bruland, Intellectual Property Counsel, 07/08/02
  187. Jackson Laboratory, The, David Einhorn, Esq., House Counsel, 01/10/96
  188. Jackson State University, Felix A. Okojie, Ed.D., MPH, CRA, Vice President for Research and Federal Relations, 10/19/12
  189. Johns Hopkins University, Theodore O. Poehler, PhD, Vice Provost for Research, 04/29/98
  190. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, David A. Blake, PhD, Executive Vice Dean, 05/31/95
  191. Joslin Diabetes Center, Carl S. Finn, General Counsel, 08/04/03
  192. Juntendo University School of Medicine, Yasuhiko Tomino, Dean, 04/06/10
  193. Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, Jeffrey Joyce, Ph.D., Vice President for Research, 10/16/13
  194. Kansas, University of, Steven F. Warren, PhD, Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies, 11/14/08
  195. Kansas State University, Paul R. Lowe, Assistant Vice Provost for Research, 03/22/99
  196. Kansas Center For Research, Inc., University of, Barbara Armbrister, Director, 07/02/07
  197. Kansas Medical Center, University of, Ted Knous, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Research Administration, 08/23/05
  198. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Research & Development, Oliver Lescroart, IPR-Officer, 08/17/06
  199. Keio University, Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Masaru Tomita, Ph.D., General Director, 10/04/06
  200. Kent State University, Research and Graduate Studies, Eugene P. Wenninger, Vice Provost and Dean, 05/10/95
  201. Kentucky Space LLC, Kris Kimel, President, 04/14/11
  202. Kentucky, University of, Donald G. Keach, Director, Intellectual Property Development, 08/21/01
  203. Lawson Health Research Institute, Sandra Mochodo, Manager, Grants and Contracts, 01/31/06
  204. La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, Charles A. Carpowich, Jr., Chief Operating Officer, Amy M. Klepsch, Manager, Intellectual Property, 11/16/01
  205. Lausanne, University of, Prof. Patrick Francioli, Dean of the Biology and Medicine Faculty, 05/9/10
  206. Lehigh University, Office of Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurial Research and Education, Glenn J. Doell, 09/29/06
  207. Leland Stanford Junior University, Board of Trustees of, Stefani Shek, Industrial Contacts Associate, 05/19/09 
  208. Loma Linda Veterans Association for Research and Education, Gayle Rundberg, Executive Director, 05/30/03
  209. Los Angles BioMedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, (Update contact as of 10/10/13: Ruben Flores-Saaib, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President, Business Development and Technology Transfer) L. Jean Remmer, Assistant Vice President, Research Administration, 6/24/08
  210. Louisiana at Lafayette, University of, Carolyn Bruder, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, 07/13/12
  211. Louisiana at Monroe, University of, (Update contact as of 07/01/13: Dr. William Mccown, Interim Director) Dr. James E. Cofer, Sr., President, 3/27/09 
  212. Louisiana State University, Board of Supervisors acting on behalf of the University of New Orleans, Agricultural and Mechanical College, Mary Louise Trammell, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Director of Technology Transfer, 10/15/97
  213. Louisiana State University Health Science Center New Orleans, Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College acting on behalf of, Joseph M. Moerschbaecher, II, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, 08/21/12
  214. Louisiana State University and A&M College, The Board of Supervisors of, H. Douglas Braymer, VP for Academic Affairs and Technology Transfer, 10/13/95
  215. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center - Shreveport, Robert A. Barish, M.D., M. B. A., Chancellor, 04/28/2010
  216. Louisville, University of, Nancy C. Martin, Vice President for Research, 03/06/97
  217. Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, Chris Merriam-Leith, Director of Business Affairs, 07/21/11
  218. Loyola University Chicago, David S. Crumrine, Associate Directory, Research Services, 03/29/00
  219. Lund, University of, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, Ph.D., Professor, 10/06/03
  220. Maine Medical Center Research Institute, James W. Donovan, Associate Vice President for Medical Affairs, 11/14/03
  221. Maine Systems, University of, James S. Ward IV, Assistant Vice President of Research and Economic Development and Governmental Relations, 12/16/10
  222. Malaya, University of, Professor Dr. Mohd Hamdi Abd Shukor, Acting Vice-Chancellor, 02/18/14
  223. Manchester, University of, Research Office, Karen Shaw, Head of the Research Office, 09/21/10
  224. Manitoba, University of, T.G. Falconer, Vice President (Administration), 10/25/95
  225. Mario Negri Institute, Prof. Silvio Garattini, Director, 9/22/09
  226. Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, A Division of Marshfield Clinic, Steve Wesbrook, Ph.D., Deputy Director, 02/25/09
  227. Maryland, University of, at Baltimore, Office of Sponsored Programs Administration, Marjorie Forster, Director, 06/27/95
  228. Maryland, University of, at Baltimore County, Dr. Michael Breton, Assistant Vice Provost for Research, 09/11/98
  229. Maryland, University of, at College Park, Antoinette Lawson, Associate Director, 10/12/11
  230. Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Office of Research Administration, Elayn G. Byron, CRA, Director, 04/26/04
  231. Massachusetts General Hospital, Licensing and Industry Sponsored Research, Marvin C. Guthrie, JD, VP, Patents, 04/24/95
  232. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Technology Licensing Office, Lita L. Nelsen, Director, 04/26/95
  233. Massachusetts Medical School, University of, Office of Technology Management, James P. McNamara, Ph.D., Executive Director, OTM, 10/05/05
  234. Massachusetts Medical School, University of, Peter E. Newburger, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Cancer Biology, 04/05/06
  235. Massachusetts, University of, Commercial Ventures & Intellectual Property, William S. Rosenberg, Ph.D., Executive Director, CVIP, 10/07/05
  236. Max-Delbruck-Centrum Fur Molekulare Medizin (MDC), Christine Rieffel-Braune, Head of Legal Department & Technology Transfer, 12/15/11
  237. Max Planck Florida Corporation/ Max Planck Florida Institute, Dr. Ivan C. Baines, Chief Operating Officer, 02/16/11
  238. Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Anthony A. Hyman, Director, 05/12/05
  239. Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Dr. Detlef Weigel, Executive Director, 9/10/09
  240. Mayo Clinic Arizona, (Update contact as of 5/23/12, Virginia M. Bruce, Director, Legal Contract Administration), Mary J. Hoffman, Secretary & Assistant Treasurer, 03/26/97
  241. Mayo Clinic Jacksonville (Update contact as of 5/23/12, Virginia M. Bruce, Director, Legal Contract Administration), Jeffrey Scheffel, Chair Division of Research Services, 09/22/06
  242. Mayo Clinic, (current contact as of 5/23/12, Virginia M. Bruce, Director, Legal Contract Administration), Bonnie Edwards, Assistant Treasurer, 11/24/00
  243. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, (Update contact as of 5/23/12, Virginia M. Bruce, Director, Legal Contract Administration), Rick F. Colvin, Assistant Treasurer, 06/30/97
  244. McGill University, McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), Office of Technology Transfer, Alex Navarre, Director, Office of Technology Transfer, 10/12/03
  245. Medical Center of Central Massachusetts, Peter H. Levine, MD, President and CEO, 08/30/95
  246. McLean Hospital Corporation, The, Philip Liston-Kraft, M.D., J.D., Director of Transactional Affairs, Partners HealthCare, Research Ventures and Licensing, 04/06/12
  247. Medical College of Georgia, School of Graduate Studies, Matthew J. Kluger, PhD. MBA, Vice President for Research and Dean, 07/26/99
  248. Medical College of Pennsylvania Hahnemann University, Kathleen A. Denis, PhD, Vice President, Technology Development, 10/12/95
  249. Medical University of South Carolina, Dillard C. Marshall, Director, Research Administration, 11/01/95
  250. Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, University of, (Update contact as of 03/04/11, Vincent Smeraglia, Esq., Office of Patents and Licensing), Frederick J. Hammond, Jr., Senior VP for Administration and Finance, 09/05/95
  251. Medizin Universitat Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria, Dr. Gunther Speru, Vice-Rector Research, Dr. Sonja Schmidl, Head of the Legal Department, 03/05/11
  252. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, Andrew D. Maslow, Director, Office of Industrial Affairs, 11/18/05
  253. Memphis, University of, Andrew Meyers, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Research, 08/16/10
  254. Miami, University of, Robert W. Rubin, Vice Provost for Research, 03/19/96
  255. Michigan State University, Norman M. Pollack, PhD, Assistant Vice President for Intellectual Property, 11/13/01
  256. Michigan Technological University, (Update contact as of 11/21/01: Dr. David D. Reed, VP for Research), Dr. Sung M. Lee, Vice Provost for Research, 05/02/96
  257. Michigan, University of, Division of Research Development & Administration, Marvin G. Parnes, Associate Vice President for Research, 10/13/00
  258. Midwestern University, James M. Woods, Ph.D., Director, Research & Sponsored Programs, 08/19/13
  259. Mind Research Network, Jody Roberts, President and CEO, 01/11/13
  260. Minnesota, University of, Office of Research & Technology Transfer, Orig. Signatory: A.R. Potami, Associate Vice President, Current Contact: Tony Strauss, Acting Assistant Vice President, 07/20/95
  261. Mississippi State University, Richard Swann, Director, Sponsored Programs Administration, 05/21/10
  262. Mississippi, University of, Ronald F. Borne, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research, 05/18/00
  263. Mississippi Medical Center, University of, Dr. John E. Hall, Vice Chancellor for Research, 11/12/12
  264. Missouri, University of, at Columbia, Office of Sponsored Prog. Administration, Richard J. Otto, Director, 06/13/95
  265. Missouri, University of, at Kansas City, Edgar J. Ellyson, PhD, Director, Grants & Contracts, 06/08/95
  266. Missouri, University of, at Rolla, Dr. Walter J. Gajda, Jr., Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, 06/30/95
  267. Missouri, University of, at St. Louis, Dr. Douglas Wartzok, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, and Graduate Dean, 05/17/95
  268. Monash University, Rocco Iannello, Business Development Manager, 10/14/10
  269. Montana State University, Rebecca W. Mahurin, Ph.D, Director, Technology Transfer, 1/14/08
  270. Montana State University Billings, David McGinnis, Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs, 08/28/13
  271. Morgridge Institute for Research, Inc., The, Kathi Stanek, Chief Financial Officer and acting Chief Administrative Officer, 10/16/12
  272. Mount Sinai Hospital, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Patents and Licensing, Terry Donaghue, Manager, 05/02/95
  273. Mount Sinai School of Medicine, (Update contact as of 11/01/12: Teri Willey, Vice President, Office of Technology and Business Development) Office of Technology & Business Development, Kathleen P. Mullinix, Ph.D., 12/07/10
  274. National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Teruhiko Higuchi, President, 08/17/12
  275. National Chung Hsing University, Ru-Jong Jeng, 07/17/06
  276. National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), David W. Bradley, Ph.D., Technology Development Coordinator, 10/31/11
  277. National Institutes of Health, LBC, Dr. Albert Fornace, Acting Chief, 03/26/97
  278. National Medical Center, Dr. Balazs Sarkadi, Scientific Vice Director, 10/25/2006
  279. National Taiwan University, Kun-Hsien Tsai, Assistant Professor for Institute of Enviromental Health, College of Public Health,10/07/13
  280. National University of Ireland, Galway, Daniel O'Mahony, Director, Technology Transfer, 02/16/06
  281. National University of Ireland Maynooth, Prof. Ray O'Neill, Vice president for Research, 05/31/12
  282. National University of Singapore, Irene Cheong, Director, Industry Liaison Office, 10/27/10
  283. Naval Medical Research Center, J.W. Sanders, CAPT, MC, USN, Commanding Officer, 07/19/13
  284. Nebraska-Lincoln, University of, David Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Development, 10/12/08
  285. Nebraska, University of, Medical Center, William O. Berndt, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, 03/08/00
  286. Nanyang Technological University, Yehuda Yarmut, Director, Enterprise & Technology Development, Nanyang Innovation & Enterprise Office, 01/18/11
  287. Nemours Foundation, The, Thomas H. Shaffer, MS.E.,Ph.D., Director of Nemours Office of Technology Transfer, 03/04/13
  288. Nevada Cancer Institute, Meredith Mullins, Associate Center Director, Sr. Vice President, Research Operations and Research Administration, 01/25/10 
  289. Nevada, University of at Las Vegas, Dr. Paul W. Ferguson, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, 03/27/06
  290. Nevada, University of, Reno, Technology Transfer Office, Ryan A. Heck, J.D., Ph.D., Patent Counsel and Director, 02/25/10 and Daniel Klaich, Chancellor, Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education on behalf of the University of Nevada, Reno, 11/08/11
  291. Newcastle University, Dr. Amanda Gregory, Grants and Contracts Manager, 01/26/10
  292. New England Deaconess Hospital, David Kiszkiss, VP, Research, 05/01/95
  293. New England Medical Center Hospitals, Inc., Technology Administration, Fred Reinhart, Director, 09/11/95
  294. New Hampshire, University of, Kathryn B. Cataneo, Executive Director, 03/31/99
  295. New Jersey Institute of Technology, Dr. Raquel Perez-Castillejos, Assistant Professor, 12/9/2008
  296. New Jersey Institute of Technology, Donald H. Sebastian, Sr. VP for Research and Development, 12/8/08
  297. New Mexico, University of, Nasir Ahmed, PhD, Associate Provost for Research, 06/12/00
  298. New York Medical College, Catharine Crea, Associate Dean for research Administration, 01/04/11
  299. New York Stem Cell Foundation, The, Caroline Marshall, PhD., Program Director, 02/20/09
  300. New York University, Abram Goldfinger, Executive Director, Industrial Liaison/Technology Transfer, 03/15/13
  301. NIMH, Robert M. Cohen, PhD, MD, Lead Clinical Investigator, 08/22/97
  302. North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of, Technology Development, Francis J. Meyer, Associate Vice Chancellor & Director, 10/04/95
  303. North Carolina at Charlotte, University of, Carl P.B. Mahler, II, Executive Director, Office of Technology Transfer, 09/27/07
  304. North Carolina Central University, James H. Ammons, Chancellor, 06/08/04
  305. North Carolina State University, Dr. David Winwood, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Technology Transfer, 03/16/01
  306. North Dakota, University of, Michael Moore, Associate VP for Intellectual Property Commercialization & Economic Development, 11/15/10
  307. NorthShore University HealthSystem, Stephen Wachtel, Ph.D., Director, Research Development, 01/07/09
  308. North Texas Health Science Center, University of, Research and Biotechnology, Robert W. Gracy, Ph.D., Associate VP, 04/26/04
  309. Northeastern Ohio Universities, College of Medicine, Robert S. Blacklow, MD, President and Dean, 07/16/95
  310. Northeastern University, William E. Kneeland, Jr., Controller, 05/19/05
  311. Northern California Institute for Research and Education, Jack Nagan, Chief Executive Officer, 09/10/99
  312. Northern Illinois University, Jerrold H. Zar, Associate Provost for Research, 04/03/95
  313. Northern Kentucky University, William F. Thompson, Director, Research, Grants and Contracts, 01/11/12
  314. Northwestern University, Technology Transfer Program, Indrani Mukharji, PhD, Director, 04/28/99
  315. Notre Dame, University of, James L. Merz, Vice President for Graduate Studies & Research, 05/14/97
  316. Nova Southeastern University, Gary S. Margules, Sc.D., Vice President, Office of Research and Technology Transfer, 03/31/10
  317. NX Prenatal Inc., Brian D. Borhman, Chief Executive Officer, 04/21/14
  318. Oakwood Healthcare, Inc., Gregory J. Bock, Designated Institutional Official, 12/02/11
  319. Ochsner Clinic Foundation, Sohail Rao, MD, MA, DPhil, System Vice-President for Research, 08/14/13
  320. Odense University Hospital, Department of Hematopathology, Michael B. Moller, Associate Professor, Director, 02/27/10
  321. Ohio State University, Technology Licensing, Robin L. Rasor (Update contact as of 10/15/02: Lisa Rooney, Acting Director), Director, 12/20/99
  322. Ohio University, Lisa Rooney, Director, Technology Transfer, (Update contact as of  07/02/12:  Robert Silva Jr., Director, Technology Transfer) October 15, 2008
  323. Oklahoma, The Board of Regents of the University of, W. Arthur Porter, University Vice President for Technology Development, 07/23/99
  324. Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, J. Donald Capra, MD, President, 12/22/99
  325. Oklahoma State University, Thomas C. Collins, PhD, Vice President for Research, 01/25/96
  326. Old Dominion University, Dr. Mohammad Karim, Vice President Research, 03/21/05
  327. Ontario Cancer Institute, Technology Transfer, Bob McArthur, Director, 09/29/98
  328. Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, John Wallenburg, Ph.D., Director, Commercialization, 09/28/12
  329. Oregon, University of, Technology Transfer, Don Gerhart, Director, 04/02/98
  330. Oregon Health Sciences University, Technology Management, Sandra L. Shotwell, PhD, Director, 04/24/95
  331. Oregon State University, Dr. George H. Keller, Vice Provost for Research and International Programs, 07/03/95
  332. Ottawa, University of, D. Joe Irvine, Director, Technology Transfer & Business Enterprise, 08/22/06
  333. Palo Alto Institute for Research and Education, Kerstin Lynam, CEO, 10/29/13
  334. Pennsylvania State University, Ronald J. Huss, Director, Intellectual Property Office, 12/12/05
  335. Pennsylvania, University of, Center for Technology Transfer, Anthony Merritt, Executive Director, 05/02/95
  336. Philadelphia Health & Education Corporation d.b.a. Drexel University College of Medicine, Robert B. McGrath, Ph.D., Sr. Associate Vice Provost Tech Commercialization, 10/24/13
  337. Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute, Inc., (Update contact as of 10/15/13: D. Joseph Jerry, Ph.D., Scientific Director and Sallie Smith Schneider, Ph.D., Director, Center of Excellence) Paul Friedmann, PhD, Executive Director, 03/28/06
  338. Pirbright InstituteThe, Richard Shaw, Director of Operations, 09/16/13
  339. Pittsburgh, University of, Allen DiPalma, Director, Office of Research, 7/1/08 
  340. Polytechnic University, Michael Klidas, Director of Contracts and Grants, 06/22/06
  341. Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Sector-12, Dr. Manisha Biswal, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology, PGIMER, Chandigarh, 04/03/14
  342. Poudre Valley Health System, Stephanie Doughty, Vice President/ Chief Financial Officer, 02/09/12
  343. Prairie View A&M University, William Trotty, Vice President for Research and Development, 11/24/00
  344. Princeton University, The Trustees of, Allen J. Sinisgalli, Associate Provost for Research and Project Administration, 10/30/95
  345. Puerto Rico, University of, Department of Microbiology, Guillermo Vazquez, MD, Chairman, 10/02/98
  346. Purdue University, Jeffrey L. Bennetzen, Professor, 03/03/00
  347. Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Donna Hancock, Chief Operating Officer, 11/16/12
  348. Queen's Medical Center, The, 1301 Punchbowl StreetHonolulu, HI 96813, Arthur A. Ushijima, President and CEO, 09/28/04
  349. Rady's Children's Hospital-San Diego, Irvin A. Kaufman, MD, Chief Medical Officer/Senior Vice President, 01/14/09
  350. Reed College, Edwin O. McFarlane, Vice President/Treasurer, 07/16/13
  351. Rega Institute for Medical Research, Prof. Dr. E. De Clercq, Director, 04/28/98
  352. Regenerative Research Foundation, Sally Temple, Ph.D., Scientific Director, 03/28/11
  353. Regents of the University of California, The, University of California, Merced, Thea Vicari, Director/Sponsored Projects Office, 5/5/09
  354. Regents of the University of Colorado, The, Kathe Zaslow, Director, Intellectual Property Operations and Tom Smerdon, Interim Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer, 09/05/12
  355. Research Foundation of State University of New York, The, Theresa A. Walker, Ph.D., MBA, Assistant Vice President for Research and Director of Technology Development, 07/07/07
  356. Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital, The, (Previously known as: Columbus Children's Research Institute), Katherine S. Milem, Vice President, 10/07/11; Amy J. Roscoe, Vice President, 05/30/12
  357. Research Institute for Children,The, a division of Children's Hospital, Steve Worley, President & CEO, 04/02/09
  358. Robarts Research Institute, Michael F. Crowley, Vice President, Business Development, 1/10/06
  359. Rice University, Office of Technology Transfer, Nila D. Bhakuni, Director 2/21/05
  360. Rochester, The University of, Office of Research and Project Administration, Jane Youngers, Director, 03/08/95
  361. Rockefeller University, William H. Griesar, VP and General Counsel, 04/24/95
  362. Rosalind Franklin, University of, Medicine and Science, Dora Espinosa, Assistant Dean of School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Director Office of Sponsored Research, 10/26/10
  363. Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Michael B. Sexton, ESQ., Chief Institute Operations Officer/Secretary, 12/15/08
  364. Rush University Medical Center, Office of Research Affairs, Donna J. Knuth, MBA, Director, Sponsored Research Projects, 03/14/03
  365. Rutgers, The State University, Office of Corporate Liaison & Technology Transfer, William T. Adams, Director, 05/04/95
  366. Ryerson University, Anastasios Venetsanopoulos, Vice President Research and Innovation, 01/17/07
  367. Saint Louis University, Robert O. Webster, PhD, Associate Provost for Research Administration, 03/29/00
  368. Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Gary H. Silverstein, Ph.D., General Counsel, 06/24/05. Institution withdraw acceptance as of  08/09/11
  369. Salk Institute, Robert S. MacWright, Ph.D., Esq., Executive Director, 01/27/12
  370. Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc, The, Steve Rhines, Vice President, General Counsel, 02/07/13
  371. San Diego Diabetes Research Institute, Joanna D. Davies, President & CEO, 11/13/13
  372. San Diego State University, (Update contact as of 08/09/2011: Deana K. Plemmons, Ph.D., Director, Division of Research Affairs) Camille Nebecker, Director, Division of Research Affairs, 08/02/06
  373. San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Leon Goe, Ph.D, Acting Administrative Officer, Research & Development(151), 09/10/09
  374. Sandia Corporation, operator of Sandia National Laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy, Malin M. Young, Director, Biological & Materials Science & Technology, 07/23/13
  375. Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, Margaret M. Dunbar, Sr. Director, Intellectual Property and Legal Affairs, 5/6/10 
  376. Sanford Research/USD formerly Sanford Health, (Update contact as of 09/12/12: Whitney Robertson, Ph.D., Executive Director of Clinical Research and Commercialization; David Pearce, Ph.D. Vice President of Research) M. Benjamin Perryman, Ph.D., Vice President Research; Whitney Robertson, Ph.D., Director of Commercialization, 08/12/09
  377. Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, Dr. Jim Xiang, Professor of Oncologym 02/11/08
  378. Schepens Eye Research Institute, The, Research Administration & Resources, Anthony R. Kalica, Ph.D., Director, 11/01/02
  379. Scott & White Healthcare, Richard Beswick, Ph.D., M.B.A, Vice President of Research, 05/26/11
  380. Scott & White Memorial Hospital and Scott, Sherwood and Brindley Foundation Cancer Research Institute, Arthur E. Frankel, MD., Executive Director Cancer Research Institute, 08/16/06
  381. Scripps Research Institute, The, Scott Forrest, Sr. Director, Business and Technology Development, 06/02/10
  382. Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, Cindy J. Gustafson, Chief Financial Officer, 05/24/06
  383. Seattle Children's Hospital d/b/a Seattle Children's Research Institute, James B. Hendricks, Ph.D., President, Seattle Children's Research Institute, 01/26/09
  384. Seoul National University, Hyunsook Lee, Associate Professor, 09/13/12
  385. Sheffield, University of, Suzanne Bushnell-Watson, Research Development Manager, 02/21/03
  386. Sidra Medical and Research Center, Harry M. Lander, Ph.D., Research Chief for Administration, 10/08/13
  387. Simon Fraser University, B. Mario Pinto, Vice-President, Research, 06/17/08 
  388. Skidmore College, Karen A. Kellogg, Ph.D., Associate Dean of the Faculty for Infrastructure, Sustainabolity & Civic Engagement, 03/12/13
  389. South Alabama Medical Science Foundation, Samuel J. Strada, Ph.D., President, 02/01/01
  390. South Alabama, University of, M. Wayne Davis, Vice President, Financial Affairs and Contract Officer, 02/21/01
  391. South Carolina, Univ. of, Sponsored Programs and Research, Ardis M. Savory, Associate Vice Provost, 05/08/95
  392. South Dakota, University of, Laura J. Jenski, Vice President for Research, 07/31/06
  393. South Florida, University of, Board of Trustees, Allen Krantz (on 4/29/03 he was replaced by Valerie McDevitt, Esq.), Director, Division of Patents and Licensing, 02/04/02
  394. Southern California, University of, Academic Affairs, Lloyd Armstrong, Jr., Provost & Senior Vice President, 10/26/95
  395. Southern California, University of, Administration, Dennis F. Dougherty, Senior Vice President, 10/05/98
  396. Southern Denmark, University of, Karsten Kristiauseu, Professor, 11/23/06
  397. Southern Denmark, University of, Susanne Mandrup, Associate Professor, 12/01/06
  398. Southern Illinois University, The Board of Trustees of, on Behalf of its School of Medicine, Donald L. Beggs, Chancellor, 10/28/96
  399. Southern Illinois University, The Board of Trustees of, on behalf of Southern Glaxo Research & Development Limited, Dr. Clive A. Halliday, Head of Global External Scientific Affairs, 03/19/99
  400. Southern Research Institute, Lucy C. Hicks, Director/Legal Council, 08/15/02
  401. Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, Gregory M.L. Patterson, Associate Director for Administrative Support, 11/06/06
  402. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Technology Licensing, Barbara S. Conta, PhD, Director, 10/18/95
  403. Stanford University, Sponsored Projects Office, Katharine Ku, Director, 06/26/95
  404. State University of New York, The Research Foundation of, Dr. Dale M. Landi, Operations Manager, 09/10/96
  405. State University of New York, The Research Foundation of, Albert E. Muir, PhD, Licensing Coordinator, 11/21/95
  406. Steward Research and Speciality Projects Corporation Formerly known as St. Elizabeth's Medical Center and St. Elizabeth's Medical Center of Boston, Inc., Tony Rufo, Director, Research Administration or Peter Catalano, Medical Director of Research, 04/17/12
  407. Stichting Pharma Park IP (PharmaPark), Drs. Ing.V. Smit, Chairman of the Board, 02/09/07
  408. Stowers Institute For Medical Research, David M. Chao, Executive Vice President, 3/17/09
  409. Sunnybrook Research Institute, Dr. Michael Julius, Vice President, Research, 04/14/11
  410. SUNY, The Research Foundation of, Technology Transfer, John C. Petersen, Director, 05/18/99
  411. SUNY at Stony Brook, Dept of Pharmacological Sciences, Marc Sedam, Associate Director, 12/15/00
  412. Swansea University, Wales, Ceri D. Jones, Deputy Director of Department of Research Innovation, 04/24/13
  413. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), Institute of Chemical and Bio-Engineering, Wolfang-Pauli-Strasse 10, CH-8093 Zurich, Switzerland, Martin Fussenegger, Professor of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 11/27/04
  414. Sydney, University of, Dr. Nino Quartararo, Acting Director, Business Liaison Office, 07/17/06
  415. Syracuse University, Gina Lee-Glauser, PhD, Associate Vice President for Research, 01/13/06
  416. Technical University of Denmark, Anders O. Boarklev, Provost, 05/23/11
  417. Tel Aviv University, (Update contact as of 12/02/12, Prof. Yoav Henis, Vice President for R&D) Hagit Messu, R. Rein, August 15, 2008
  418. Temple University, Martin S. Dorph, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, 12/05/96
  419. Temple University, Dept. of Biochemistry, Robert J. Suhadolnik, Professor of Biochemistry, 04/05/01
  420. Tennessee, University of -- Memphis, Knoxville, Tullahoma, Martin and Chattanooga campuses, UT Health Science Center, Research Administration, Emerson H. Fly, Vice President, 02/27/01
  421. Texas A&M University, Theresa A. Maldonado, Interim Vice President for Research,11/12/2008
  422. Texas, The University of, Health Science Center at Houston, David E. Kusnerik, Contract Administrator, 10/10/96
  423. Texas, The University of, at Arlington, Dr. Ronald L. Elsenbaumer, Vice President for Research, 04/26/07
  424. Texas, The University of, at Austin, Wayne K. Kuenstler, Director of Sponsored Projects, 11/15/99
  425. Texas, University of, Health Science Center at San Antonio, John P. Howe,III, MD, President, 12/10/97
  426. Texas at Dallas, The University of, Rachell Reilly, Director of Office of Sponsored Projects, 11/16/12
  427. Texas Health Center at Tyler, University of, Rick Hefner, Vice President of Finance and Administration, 02/19/04
  428. Texas A&M University, Office of the Vice President for Research, Richard E. Ewing, Vice President for Research, 02/01/01
  429. Texas A&M University System, Tom D. Kale, Vice Chancellor for Business Services, 10/13/00
  430. Texas A&M University System Health Science Center, Office of the Vice President for Research, Fuller W. Bazer, PhD, Vice President for Research, 11/13/00
  431. Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Contracts and Grants, The Agriculture Program, Edward A. Hiler, Vice Chancellor & Dean Agriculture and Life Sciences; Director, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station & Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 11/08/00
  432. Texas at El Paso, University of, Diana S. Natalicio, President, 04/11/01
  433. Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Carol J. Cantrell, Assistant Vice Chancellor, 08/23/01
  434. Texas Medical Branch, University of, at Galveston, at Galveston, William A. Wasson, Associate Vice President for Research Services, 08/16/95
  435. Texas Southwestern Medical Center, University of, at Dallas, R.H. Fitzgerald, Executive VP for Business Affairs, 09/15/95
  436. Texas Tech University, Kathleen Harris, Ed.D., Sr. Assoc. V.P. for Research, 03/23/11
  437. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Barbara Pence, Ph.D., Asst. Vice President, 01/27/98
  438. Thomas Jefferson University, Office of Technology Transfer, Gerald Litwack, PhD, Vice Dean for Research, 10/17/01
  439. Tokyo, University of, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Yutaka Kirino, Ph.D., Dean, 02/01/02
  440. Toledo, University of, (previously merged with Medical University of Toledo, formerly Medical College of Ohio, R. Douglas Wilkerson, PhD, Associate VP for Research, 07/12/95) James P. Trempe, Ph.D., Vice President for Research, 07/30/13
  441. Toronto, University of, The Governing Council, Jennifer MacInnis, Director, Intellectual Property & Contracts, 08/24/07
  442. Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies, Peggy Totzke, C.F.O., 09/25/00
  443. Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen),The, Melissa Ray, MBA, BSE, Office of Project Management, 4/29/09
  444. Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York, The, Orin Herskowitz, Executive Director and VP of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer and Executive Director at Columbia Technology Ventures (CTU), 09/20/13
  445. Trustees of Indiana University, Janice C. Froehlich, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research, 03/02/07
  446. Tufts University, Dr. Joseph J. Byrne, Associate Provost for Research, 08/28/95
  447. Tulane University, Office of Research and Technology Development, Carla H. Fishman, Executive Director, 01/30/98
  448. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, Lawrence W. Reiter, Director, NHEERL, 07/18/03
  449. Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Charles L. Rice, M.D., President, 04/06/06
  450. Uniquest Limited, Dr. David A. Evans,, 05/02/95
  451. Universidad Andres Bello, Dr. Andres Gomberoff, Vicerrector de Investigacion y Doctorado, 11/30/11
  452. Universite Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris 6, Paul Indelicato, Vice President of Research and Innovation, 7/12/12
  453. University College Cork-National University of Ireland, Cork, Brendan Cremen, Director of Office of Technology Transfer, 10/21/09
  454. University Court of The University of Edinburgh, Nora A. Kellock, Head of Legal, Edinburgh Research & Innovation Ltd., 11/17/09
  455. University Heart Center Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Stephan Baldus, 04/23/10
  456. University Hospital Basel, Institute for Pathology, Director Prof. Dr. Markus Tolnay, 07/13/11
  457. University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) Department of Oncology/Hematology, Dr. Krappa, PD Dr. Tim Brimmendorf, 11/25/06
  458. University of Hong Kong, The, Professor P.K.H. Tam, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President, 02/16/11
  459. University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, The, Office of Research & Development, Dean A. Drake, Director, 02/25/04
  460. University of North Florida, The, Imeh D. Ebong, Ph.D., Vice president for Research, 03/07/2012Upstate Medical University, The Research Foundation of State University of New York, Scott Macfarlane, Director Technology Transfer, 10/03/11
  461. University of Nottingham, The, Dr. Richard Masterman, Director of Research Innovation Services, 01/05/11
  462. University of Southern Mississippi, The, Dr. Denis A. Weisenburg, Vice President for Research, 04/27/11
  463. University of Strathclyde, The, Alison McFarlane, Deputy Director, Research and Knowledge Exchange Services, 03/30/12
  464. University of Sussex, The, Nigel Knight, Head of Contracts & IP, 03/13/14
  465. US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, (USAAMRIID), Ernest T. Takafuji, Col, MC, Commander, 06/01/95
  466. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER), Dr. Neil D. Goldman, Associate Director for Research, 08/24/99
  467. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Alice Y. Welch, Ph.D., Technology Development Officer, 01/26/10
  468. U.S. Public Health Service/NIH Office of Technology Transfer, Office of Technology Transfer, Barbara M. McGarey, JD, Deputy Directory, 03/13/95
  469. USDA - ARS, Dr. Phillip A. O'Berry, Technology Transfer Coordinator, 04/05/01
  470. United States Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service, David Goldman, MD, Assistant Administrator, Office of Public Health Science and Al Almanza, Administrator, Food Safety and Inspection Service, 03/05/13
  471. Utah, University of, Richard K. Koehn, Vice President, Research, 07/01/95
  472. Utah State University, Peter F. Gerity, VP for Research, 09/29/95
  473. UTI Limited Partnership, Kevin S. Casement, Ph.D., Vice President, Licensing & Business Development, 05/23/06
  474. VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Elizabeth Joyce Freeman, Medical Center Director, 02/02/12
  475. VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Ms. DeAnn Lestenkof,  Acting Director, 04/07/10
  476. VA San Diego Healthcare System, Gerhard Schulteis, Ph.D., Associate Chief of Staff, Research & Development,
  477. Valley Hospital, Inc., The, Audrey Meyers, President & CEO, 10/12/12
  478. Van Andel Research Institute, George F. Vande Woude, Director, 06/13/01
  479. Vanderbilt University, Division of Sponsored Research, Steven H. Smartt, Director, 07/19/99
  480. Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Roberta H. Meyers-Elliott, PhD, MBA, Associate Director of Sponsored Research, 01/06/98
  481. VaxGen, Inc., Piers Whitehead, VP, Business Development, 09/28/06
  482. Vermont and State Agricultural College, University of, Office of Sponsored Programs, Ruth Farrell, Associate VP for Research Administration, 05/10/04
  483. Veterans Medical Research Foundation of San Diego, Sandra Woodruff, Executive Director, 04/21/97
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