Bayh-Dole Award

The Bayh-Dole Award is given in recognition of the recipient’s untiring efforts to foster and promote intellectual property activities on behalf of the university and nonprofit community.


2014 Bayh-Dole Award – Jon Soderstrom, PhD


Jon Soderstrom is currently the Managing Director of the Office of Cooperative Research at Yale University.  The Office is responsible for commercializing inventions resulting from Yale’s scientific research including patent license agreements, strategic corporate partnerships and the formation of new business ventures.

Since joining the Office in 1996, he has participated in the formation of more than 25 new ventures including polyGenomics, Molecular Staging (acquired by Qiagen), Agilix, Asilas Genomic Systems, Achillion Pharmaceuticals (NASQ: ACHN), PhytoCeutica, Protometrix (acquired by Invitrogen), Iconic Therapeutics, Applied Spine Technologies, HistoRx, VaxInnate, Affomix and Kolltan Pharmaceuticals.  Collectively, these companies have raised over $450 million in professional venture capital.

Dr. Soderstrom was a founding board member and past president of the Association of Federal Technology Transfer Executives as well as a member of the Licensing Executive Society and Association of University Technology Managers where he was the 2008 President, has served as Vice President for Public Policy and a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.  He is frequently asked to lecture and teach seminars on various aspects of the technology transfer process and economic development both within the United States and abroad.  He has testified before Congress on technology transfer issues and served as an expert witness in patent infringement litigation.

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