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Want to boost your knowledge of the technology transfer field or just expand your personal library? Now you can do both while supporting AUTM.

Through our partnership with the independent bookseller, Powell's Books, AUTM will receive a portion of all sales on made through the links on this page (including any books and DVDs, not just the ones we link to). There is no additional cost to you; we bring additional customers to Powell's, and Powell's shares some of the profits. It's that simple!

When you buy books from these links, you help support and sustain AUTM. You can order books to be shipped to you – or, if you live in or near Portland, Ore., you can choose the "In-Store Pickup" option at checkout to have the books held for you at any Powell's location.

If there is a book you've found particularly helpful but it's not listed here, send suggestions to and put "bookshelf suggestions" in the subject line.

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