AUTM 2012 Software CourseSM

June 8-9, 2012
Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson
Jersey City, NJ USA

The AUTM 2012 Software Course is designed specifically for university licensing professionals who work with software and other information assets.  The course will provide a survey of basic principles, as well as a study of best practices, emerging models and actual cases, that will benefit both newcomers and experienced practitioners. Participants will leave with the tools to handle basic to complex software asset management and licensing situations. 

Advance Registration is now closed. Onsite registration is available in Jersey City. 

Presentation Downloads and Attendee Roster
The AUTM 2012 Software Course will be paperless. Handouts will not be distributed at any educational session. To download copies of the presentations and view the attendee roster, registered attendees may follow the links below and login using your user name and password. If you cannot recall your user name and password, use your email address to retrieve this information.

Note: This attendance list is the property of AUTM and is provided to attendees at this meeting for personal information only. Reproduction of this list is not authorized and its use for general mailings, e-mail broadcast or similar purposes is strictly prohibited. 

Course Description

Everything is turning up digital these days. From software to data to mobile apps, digital content can be challenging to manage, yet it can provide a wide range of commercialization opportunities. The 2012 AUTM Software Course is designed specifically for technology professionals who must answer the many questions associated with digital content. Who "owns" the content? What rights does my Institution have? (This may be a particularly difficult question to answer when students are involved in the development of the content and the content may fall in both the copyright side and the patent side of the Institution’s IP Policy.) What type of IP protection best suits digital content? Is the open-source model best for distributing the content? What are the alternative pathways for distribution (online v. exclusive licensees)? And most timely: Is this a mobile application and how do we distribute it? Attendees will be presented with a broad range of relevant knowledge and examples, both basic and specific, so that they can handle the challenges and the opportunities that digital content may bring.

*Program subject to change.    

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Certified Licensing Professionals (CLP) Continuing Education

Certified Licensing Professionals are required to demonstrate continued competence in their field to maintain their certification status. Individuals who hold the CLP designation can renew their credential by earning at least 40 continuing education (CE) credits. Educational courses and conference sessions, such as the AUTM Software Course, that are relevant to the licensing industry can be used to meet this requirement. One clock hour of participation in these events is equivalent to one CE credit. Visit for more information on the recertification requirements.


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